Research and Development

EvDynamics Vehicle Network Research and Development Center (Shenzhen)

The Vehicle Network Research and Development Center has a total area of 600 square meters. It is mainly responsible for hardware debugging, testing and system software development. The center is divided into 4 main areas namely, an open office area, R&D laboratory, demonstration room and staff fitness area. The simple design layout provides the R&D center staff an open and comfortable office environment.

Dongguan Research and
Development Center

Our R&D center in Dongguan is mainly engaged in the design and development of electric vehicle electric drivetrain system (i.e. battery, motor and motor controller). At present, we have successfully developed 8 different models of 8.5 meters to 12 meters public buses and coaches. This includes the vehicle body design and manufacture, power system assembly, battery and electronic control system design capabilities. As an industry leader, the company has its own intellectual property rights and several patents. Not only are our products used in the electric vehicle industry, they can also be applied in military, civil, public facilities and other fields.