Ev Dynamics Delivers First Batch of 12-Meter E-Buses to Europe

Ev Dynamics Delivers First Batch of 12-Meter E-Buses to Europe

Potential Huge Sales to Further Accelerate Business Growth

(Hong Kong, 10 February 2022) – Ev Dynamics (Holdings) Limited (the “Company,” Stock Code: 476, together with its subsidiaries, collectively “Ev Dynamics” or the “Group”), a provider of new energy vehicles and integrated technology solutions, has today announced the delivery of its first batch of 12-meter E-Buses to Europe. This delivery follows the vehicle’s successful homologation through the Whole Vehicle-Type-Approval System (WVTA) and Standardized On-Road Test Cycles (E-SORT) of the Economic Commission of Europe last year.

The delivery is part of a collaboration between the Company and its strategic partners in Europe. Ev Dynamics is ready to conquer inner-city e-mobility and regional freight and passenger’ transportation market in Europe. It is intended to gain entrance into the European market and tap its huge growth potential with the high-performing, sustainable and environmentally-friendly 12-meter E-Bus model specifically designed to meet European standards. The vehicle has 420kWh battery capacity allowing an autonomy of over 300kms without recharging.

Following the successful delivery of the first three electric vehicles, a massive potential market opens up for the Company as there is a large number of tenders open in Europe. Ev Dynamics’ 12-meter E-Bus is also in the works, conditional upon the vehicle model’s successful completion and passing of winter testing in April 2022, involving electric battery endurance in a -30 degrees Celsius temperature environment.

Miguel Valledecabres Polop, CEO of Ev Dynamics, said: “We have rapidly expanded our global reach with our advanced electric vehicles thereby paving our entry into high-growth markets in Europe, Latin America and Asia during the past year. The successful delivery of the first batch of 12-meter E-Bus vehicles further demonstrates the strong and resilient output capability of our advanced production plant and engagement of a reliable PRC supply chain, despite the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides, we are highly confident that our 12-meter E-Bus model will pass the winter test. The promising potential three-year deal will further accelerate the Company’s business growth and sales performance, increase our market share and strengthen our growing position in the electric vehicle segment.”

Ev Dynamics’ first batch of 12-meter E-Buses is on its way to Europe
Ev Dynamics is confident the 12-meter E-Bus will pass winter testing in April

About Ev Dynamics (Holdings) Limited (Stock Code: 476)
Ev Dynamics (Holdings) Limited is a pioneer and a prominent player in China’s new energy commercial vehicles market, as well as a whole-vehicle manufacturer of specialty passenger vehicles and new energy passenger vehicles. It is an integrated driving and logistics solutions provider with a solid technological foundation in diverse areas including new energy platform power systems and their key components. The Group has a production base in Chongqing and has developed its sales network in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Asia Pacific and South America.