(Hong Kong, 3 September 2019) – China Dynamics (Holdings) Limited (“China Dynamics” or the “Group”) (HKEX stock code: 476), a provider of new energy vehicles and technology integrated solutions, announced today that the smart electric buses it has been developing for the Hong Kong market, drawing on its core technological advantages in new energy vehicles, have passed road tests, which is proof of the new energy vehicles made by the Group meeting the city’s stringent requirements for road vehicles, conducive to the Group speeding up developing the Hong Kong new energy vehicle market and also markets overseas.

The Group expects to deliver two smart electric buses to the Hong Kong Productivity Council in early 2020 for trial use by the Airport Authority Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society.

The smart electric bus has an aluminum alloy body and is powered by an internationally leading, high-performance motor drive system, complemented by an advanced battery system, to ensure long and steady power output. With gradeability up to 1:5, it can handle all sorts of complicated road conditions, and the steep roads in Hong Kong are well within its faculty.

Each battery box compartment comes with a device that can extinguish fire and suppress explosion, taking only a millisecond to respond. Its special aerosol firefighting medium has excellent cooling and isolation function for putting out fire and preventing backdraft effectively, ensuring to high extent the safety of the passengers and the system of the vehicle.

The smart driving system gives warnings of frontal collision 2.5 seconds ahead, lane departure, fatigue driving and pedestrian collision, helping prevent accidents and lower the chances of traffic incidents happening. The Group’s Vehicle Data Cloud Network Platform is capable of failure data analysis of the vehicle’s electrical system, and providing remote assistance and fleet Big Data management service. Able to spot and assess early faults in and the risk of breakdown of a vehicle, it can reduce breakdown rate and prolong the vehicle’s life span.

Mr Cheung Ngan, Chairman of China Dynamics, said, “This smart electric bus of the Group is designed with Hong Kong’s weather and road conditions in mind. It promises smooth driving, high safety and zero emission helpful for improving street-level air quality, a perfect example of the Group’s mastery of the core technology of new energy vehicles. We believe this environmentally-friendly bus with high performance will win the welcome of the market and become a key model among larger new energy vehicles in Hong Kong and other markets, thus has great development prospect. Armed with excellent technological advantages and rich management experience, China Dynamics has confidence in speeding up expansion of electric vehicle sales worldwide and becoming a leading player in the electric vehicle manufacturing market.”
The smart electric bus designed for the Hong Kong market by China Dynamics is powered by an internationally leading, high-performance motor drive system and can easily adapt to the different and complicated conditions on roads in the city.