China Dynamics Welcomes New International Investors          – Shareholding Reflects Industry Confidence in                 Global Electric Bus Market
(Hong Kong, 21 January, 2021) – China Dynamics (Holdings) Limited (the “Company”; Stock Code: 476), together with its subsidiaries, collectively “China Dynamics” or the “Group”), a provider of new energy vehicles and technology integrated solutions, has received notice from highly-reputable e-mobility industry pioneers from Europe and Asia, that they collectively bought over 6% of the Company’s total issued shares to support the acceleration of its internationalization strategy. Mr. Miguel Valldecabres Polop, CEO of China Dynamics, said, “The Group recently tapped into the Southeast Asia market with the launch of electric buses in the cities of Davao and Pasay in the Philippines. The shareholding from the four international investors, namely Dato Sri Johan Young, Mr. Endika Aboitiz, Mr. Michael Perskche and Mr. Frank Kanayet, serves as a powerful endorsement of China Dynamics’ internationalization strategies which address the growing need for public transportation and which draw on our technological advantages in new energy vehicles. In addition, it will strengthen our shareholder and capital base for our long-term development.” Malaysian Dato Sri Johann Young is a serial entrepreneur in the technology and telecommunications sector. He has held various leading roles within the Orange Telecommunications Group. He promotes Formula E in Malaysia and also supports keenly “Green Malaysia”, as well as all kinds of electric vehicle (“EV”) technologies. A prominent member of the Aboitiz family, Mr. Endika Aboiztiz has been instrumental in turning into a conglomerate the Aboitiz Group in the Philippines. He believes firmly in EV technologies and he has supported Global Electric Transport (“GET Philippines”) to become one of the leading electric bus services providers through QEV Philippines across the country. Mr. Michael Perschke served as CEO of Germany-based electric car maker Automobili Pininfarina, and he has become head of Audi India. He is among the Top 20 global leaders in the EV industry. Frank Kanayet Yepes founded his own oil exploration company in Latin America. He owns an electromobility fund and he is the first investor in Rimac Automobili (Croatia).
From left to right: Dato Sri Johann Young, Mr. Endika Aboiztiz, Mr. Michael Perschke and Mr. Frank Kanayet Yepes
Mr. Cheung Ngan, Chairman of China Dynamics, said, “We are very encouraged by the strong interest from the international investment community. After the series of launches in the Philippines, we will soon deliver 12-metre complete chassis for electric buses in Latin America and logistics vehicles in Europe. We are confident in continuing to capture more opportunities arising from the environmental protection market that will further expand our business in overseas markets with the support of the new investors.”