China Dynamics was invited by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited to participate in the exchange seminar
On January 30, 2019, China Dynamics was invited to participate in an event by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited. (hereinafter referred to as “CLP”) for the EV bus. The company’s attendees were: Chief Financial Officer Mr. Leung, Head of Marketing Mr. Ma, Head of Project Development Mr. Cheung, Director of Advanced Technology Center (R&D) Mr. Yang, and Director of Vehicle Electrical Appliances (R&D) Mr. Li. The attendees of CLP were: Representative of CLP Holdings, Generation Business Group and Power Systems Business Group and other related department as well. During the presentation, Mr. Ma, Head of Marketing, introduced the new energy bus products, business focus and future development direction of China Dynamics to the CLP and his party, and introduced the advanced technology and vehicle networking applications (China Dynamics “Cloud”). The both sides conducted an intensive discussion on the government subsidy policy of the mainland, also exchange information of the new and old ‘GB” standard for the charging system.
Mr. Ma introduced E-bus to CLP’s Representative.

Mr. Ma gave a detailed explanation in E-Bus.

Visit China Dynamics 12m pure electric coach.

The event demonstrated two12-meter pure electric coach, one the coach type bus which is the latest product developed for the critical road condition in Hong Kong. The features is advantages such as : The GVW is up to 18000kg; The battery power capacity is 330kWh; Equipped with the latest GB 20234.3 charging standard, allowing the dual charging gun 250A to charge, the battery can be fully charged in 1.5 hours; In urban road conditions, the cruising range is up to 350 km (calculated from 100% to 20% SOC).
Take a road test on the E-coach tour Tsing Yi (on-site test)

Members of both parties took a group photo

During the period, the CLP’s representative take a trail run on our 12-meter pure electric coach and was satisfied with the bus. The CLP’s representative learned more about the development of China Dynamics new energy vehicles, technological innovation, etc., listened to the needs of the development of the enterprise and the problems that the government needs to solve, and gave full credit , affirmative and highly rated to China Dynamics New Energy Vehicles to build local new energy vehicle brands.